List of Ceiling and In-wall Speakers

Polk Audio RC80i 2-way


The installation and set up of Polk Audio ceiling speaker is very easy. It produces excellent sound with decent bass.

It is water resistant and prevents the moisture entering in to the speakers through the ceiling walls, Which makes it more durable and strong.

Using these Polk Audio ceiling speakers it also gives good appearance to the walls of the rooms & can quickly installed in to the walls. Over all its a good ceiling speaker which gives good appearance to your home interiors.

Klipsch R-5650-W II In-Wall Speaker


Klipsch In wall speaker is one of the great speakers which produces loud clarity sounds with decent Treble & Bass. These speakers are easy to install and gives good appearance to the walls.

These In wall speakers can be paired with the some floor standing speakers and can stream music. It also supports the Dolby atoms.

The exterior part of the speaker is very hard and tough due to its soft and rugged surface, It makes it more durable & strong. Over all its a decent product at its price.

Acoustic Audio by Goldwood


These are one of the best ceiling speakers at cheaper prices which produces high quality clear sounds without any disturbances. The installation of these speakers are relatively very easy.

These speakers are water resistant and durable & these are very hard and tough which does not break easily.

it gives good appearance to the room interiors & produces clarity sounds with decent bass and Treble. Overall its a good ceiling speaker with extra added features.

Pyle 5.25” Pair Bluetooth


These are the best quality speakers which has built in Bluetooth and easy to install and set up. it produces ultimate sound.

It has wireless Bluetooth connectivity which pairs with other Bluetooth enabled devices. It also pairs with Android phones and iPhones etc.

It is water resistant, dust proof and more durable. Over all its a good product with decent performance.

Micca M-8C 2-Way


These are the 2 way in ceiling speaker which is perfectly integrated between the tweeter and woofer which is achieved through a 6dB crossover network.

It used for the wide variety of home entertainment applications.

It is easy to set up & install in to the ceiling walls. It is water and dust resistance which is more durable.

It produces smooth and natural sounds with good Bass. Over all its a great speaker with affordable price.

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