List of Best 5 Home theater systems above 200$



The Sound system from Samsung is modern and comes with all the latest and best tech. The base of the sound system is wireless, but the speakers come with wired connections.

For Instructions: one can get into the link mode by pressing the up arrow button for 5 secs when the sound bar is off. The controls are user friendly and the speakers sound really great.

The sound quality and signature of the HW-N550 is very balanced and good, while the speakers sound a bit off when compared with the main unit. The speakers are good but for the price point they could’ve been a bit better.

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System


The Sound System is focused to satisfy the Bas Enthusiasts, The Bass is fine tuned for best experience, it is better than all other models in the market, even better than JBL in terms of Bass.

The price is On the higher side, The product belongs to the premium class. The sound system offers premium sound quality and sturdy build. The surround sound quality is Good and reminds of Sony Speakers.

Over all its a Good sounding Sound system, with Decent sound signature and exceptional bass output.

Harman Kardon HKTS 16BQ 


Harman Kardon is a Premium sound gear maker, The HKTS 16 BQ Congress with a center speaker, two front , two rear and a sub woofer for decent sound output and surrounding experience.

The under side of the sound system is that the satellite speakers and the sub woofer are not wireless, it means that we are supposed to run the wires around the house , and thats a bit messy.

Overall, the speakers are great for the price point and deliver some decent sound giving a premium experience.

Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR Home Theater


The Sound Bar comes with a great set of features, at around $300 the Speakers pack a punch. The sound bar produces adequate amount of sound for a medium sized room.

The Home theatre comes with user friendly accesibility, And the updates are done through Google Home App. The Sound bar of the sound system extends upto 43 inches covering the width of the standard TV sizes.

If we talk about the sound , we should agree that the sound produced is really nice, The Bass, Lows and Mids are tuned to produce a balanced sound. Over all its a great sound system for the price point.

Edifier M601DB Computer Speaker System


The Speakers sit in the region of Budget and portability. The Sounds system is decent and worth your money.

The 2 Speaker setuo packs enough performance to satisfy the Needs of a sound Enthusiast. The design and size of the speakers is very compact, which can make them easily usable on your Computer Table.

The sound System comes with a sub and two speakers. The sub is wireless and the Speakers need wired connections.

Sound Quality is something that’s not at all compromised in this Sound System, The low end sound are clearer, and the mids or the highs are not that muddled. This is a Good Sound System that delivers portability and Quality sound.

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