Before we dive in we, would like to give some information about what to expect from a 7.1 Home Theatre.

7.1 Sound system Vs Dolby atmos

The surround sound is a name for the multiple speaker set capable of pumping audio from different angles, The surround sound usually enables immersive and better user experience while watching movies or streaming music.

The concept is that the user stays in the center and the speakers pump sound from all the sides.

The Dolby Atoms on the other hand is a bit different from the 7.1 surround sound, The Dolby sound pumps sound from above the head with improved software technology for immersive experience. The dolby sound is more immersive and deeper when compared to the traditional 7.1 surround sound.

7.1 sound system Vs 5.1 sound System (Differences)

5.1 Sound System7.1 Sound System
5 speakers 7 speakers
cover more roomcovers bigger rooms than 5.1
Placement : three at the front, 2 at the backPlacement : Three at the front and 4 speakers at the back and adjacent sides
can’t be used as 7.1 systemcan be used as 5.1 system
Considerably inexpensive when compared with 7.1 sound systemconsiderable expensive when compared with 5.1 sound system
commonly seenRarely seen


The inclusions from the box are 7 speakers and a sub woofer: 5 in-wall speakers and 2 speakers of over head (ceiling speakers). The frequency values are as follows : 40hz-22 kHz, crossover frequency: 2200Hz.

The speakers come with 12mm soft dome tweeters, The grills that the wall and ceiling speakers have paintable grills and frames. The design offers wall lock mounting, which is designed in USA.

The Power recommended is around 20-200 watts per speaker, the sound system offers good compatibility and audio out put. Over all we wish to conclude that the speaker set comes with all the great set of features.

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