List of best Portable Bluetooth speakers for journeys



The Speaker can connect to two bias at the same time, which enables for playing sound with turns. The speaker had a 3000 mAH battery b which gives it a play time upto 12 hours.

The waterproofing is a great features which enables easy usability under rain or sweaty conditions.

JBL Connect support is there to let the speakers connect to multiple JBL Speakers for Louder stereo sound in times of Parties or occasions.

Bluetooth Speaker, DOSS SoundBox Pro


The sound hand is veritably good, with acceptable bad and punchy sound the bluetooth speaker enhances stoner experience.

The Speaker particularly features thumping bass, the bas configuration is there to satisfy the Bass Suckers. The point for connecting two or further speakers is there for party mode and loid sound. The stylish driven lights on the speaker enhances the stoner experience.

The average play time of the speaker can extend upto 15 hours on 50 of volume and with the inbuilt lithium ion battery in side the speaker.

Bluetooth Speaker, W-KING 50W


The speaker comes jam packed with all the features, The Speaker had a peak sound affair of 50w with punchy bass for bass suckers.

The speaker had a stereo mode which enables, connection of multiple Speakers for stereo audio affair for party modes. The audio player are configured to produce life like sound for movie streaming, music streaming or what ever you do with it.

The water resistance is there, so to give the speaker longer life for better value for the plutocrat spent. The whooping 8000 mAH battery ensures that the Speaker lasts upto 24 hours of play time. It’s a added advantage for the druggies.

The Features like Hands free calling and fast connectivity, NFC are present to enhance the usability of the speaker.

We consider this a stylish value product for peregrinations.

OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker


The sound that the speaker exerts is great, because it has been designed by the Cambridge Sound works in USA. The Speaker prominently delivers superior sound quality with accurate mids, clearer highs. The sound is important on louder side, Indeed at the peak volume situations the speaker doesn’t produce any distorting noise so that druggies may feel discomfort.

The manufacturer claims that the bluetooth speakers can connect upto a range of 100 bottom, with outb any stability issues, thanks to the new advanced capacity antennas.

The speaker connects presto with what ever device The speaker is certified with IPX5 water resistance, which ensures un interrupted playing indeed for sweaty and stormy conditions.

The design also resists water splashes for longer life time.

Bose SoundLink Color


Bose’s Sound link packs rearmost sound tech for better sound delivery. The Speaker comes with erected in microphone for taking demitasse clear calls with a wireless range of upto 30 bases between your handset and the speaker.

The Speaker comes with rugged External Face, which helps for gripping and study overall figure quality. The Speaker comes with voice prompts for bluetooth pairing and calls. The connection is stable and there’s a quick brace point for better usability. The battery life is well, but not that superb.

The other stoner experience enhancing features include support for pairing two or further speakers for party mode, voice Assistant sorry for hands-free control, voice prompts etc. 

Therefore is a point rich Speaker for great Price.

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